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Christmas Worship

Hey all! Really proud of how this one turned out. This service is a true combination of both churches who produce this channel, and many people have my...

God’s Last Advent

There is one great arrival of God left; one more advent on the Day of the Lord. A great day, when Jesus returns. A day of peace and joy for some, and a...

A Prophecy of Tidying Up

My desk is cluttered as I prepare for Christmas. But as we draw closer and closer to this Holiday a voice comes to us, asking us to take account of the...

God’s Advent on the Mountain Top

Welcome to week 2 of our 3 week Wednesday series focusing on Advent and the times that God has arrived on earth. It's a BIG deal when God shows up, so...

Merry Advent

I have a lot to do to get ready for Christmas this year. I bet you do too! But I hope we don't forget that we need to prepare ourselves in a spiritual...

Psalm 35

Here is a study on Psalm 35. This is one of those psalms that we often overlook or skip. It deals with hard topics that don't feel like they fit very well into our Sunday Morning, and may even conflict with our idea of what...

How Big is God?

How big is God? Or maybe more importantly, how small is God? Join me on my hike through Willamette Mission State Park to discuss!

The Lord is My Shepherd

"The Lord is my shepherd." The opening lines to one of the most well known and influential psalms in our lives. How is this 3,000-year-old poem still speaking to us today?

A Treasure House

Join us as we dig into the book of Psalms for the next few weeks. Find out why Luther call's this book a "little bible" and a "treasure house." Here is the link to the first video in our new series.

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