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Stones to Remind You of God

God tells his people to raise up stones to remember his good work. Let's remember God's good work in our lives today.


Harsh Master or Generous Lord

Good morning all! The parable for today raises an important question. When God returns will he be a harsh master looking for justice and vengeance? Or will he be a generous God looking to add on to our already blessed life?...

When God Sends His Reminder

This morning Pastor Tyson Bentz preaches a good ol fashioned "Come to Jesus" sort of sermon, from our Old Testament text for the day. Blessings on your Sunday!

How Should a Christian Respond?

Now that we are done with our last 2 holidays, we are returning with the rest of our sermon series "How should a Christian Respond to ___?" Today the topic is how a Christian should respond to the racial divide in our...

God Wipes the Slate Clean

Good day all! Today we hear from one of the more striking and dark parables, but even in a story of murder and betrayal their is promise for renewed life.

Recreated in God’s Image

Good morning all! It has been a week with some pretty intense news coverage. But this Sunday's worship video has lots of cute babies in it, so hopefully that can alleviate some hearts!