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God Wipes the Slate Clean

Good day all! Today we hear from one of the more striking and dark parables, but even in a story of murder and betrayal their is promise for renewed life.

Recreated in God’s Image

Good morning all! It has been a week with some pretty intense news coverage. But this Sunday's worship video has lots of cute babies in it, so hopefully that can alleviate some hearts!

Why Christians MUST Obey Authorities

Morning all! So here is the service for this Sunday. Pastor Tyson had this week for online service, and he has some good insight for us into Romans chapter 13. When I listened to this sermon I couldn't help but think just...

God’s Monument Builders

Good morning all! Today we are talking about the good work that God does through us sinners to bring glory to his good name. God bless you all and have a good Sunday!

Lifetime Guarantee

Here is the service for this Sunday. While I have recorded a service to use, in order to keep the schedule of the Youtube channel consistent, we decided to use Pastor Tyson's service this week, and save my service for next...

Who Gets to Enter?

Hey all! Here is the Service for this Sunday. As the YouTube schedule is always a week behind the Church schedule this will be the same sermon I preached last week at the outdoor service. If you were there and would like to...

Wasps Attack!

Last week I went down to Lutherwood Oregon to help lead some campers in an archery session. I decided it would be a great chance to film some beautiful scenery and do a nice bible study on the topic of mountains or streams....